🎨Creative Development


Kami's main inspiration comes from Manga/Anime and the music industry.

Why Anime?

Every anime has its own unique world and a cast of characters with distinct looks and personalities, which provides a perfect foundation for design and inspiration.

We wanted to create a PFP that not only looked great but also made holders feel like they were part of a unique and immersive world. This way, holding a Kami will feel like stepping into a world that is uniquely yours.

There's something that resonates with so many people watching characters evolve from mischievous troublemakers to individuals who earn the respect of their friends and peers. It's a storyline that never gets old for us.

These are the aspects we loved specifically from Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, and Soul Eater.

Kami are not "chibi." Although some people might think Kami are cute, it's important to remember that they are GODS-in-training and possess a unique identity beyond their appearance.

We took proportions from Kid Goku and Kid Krillin; who both had big heads and tiny bodies.

Kami have big, glowing, white eyes with no pupils. Instead of making it a rare trait, we decided that all Kami should have them. It's all about staying true to our lore and creating a unique visual identity that sets us apart from all the other PFPs.

The byakugan, Aangs avatar state and The Gorillaz all played a big role when deciding Kami's eye design.

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