Enter the Reikai · 霊界 · The Spiritual Realm

As the veil of darkness descended upon the realms, the Elder Gods struggled to maintain their grip on the Reikai. They had pushed their creative powers to the brink, and the Aether Realm was in dire need of their help. But before the Elder Gods could cross the bridge between realms, they knew they had to take action. Thus 4,269 divine beings called Kami were created, each with their own unique set of powers and abilities.

The Elder Gods soon realized that their creations were not what they had expected. The Kami were often loud, impatient, rebellious, and causing trouble wherever they went. The situation was far more serious than they had anticipated. They assigned a group of powerful guardians to keep a watchful eye over the Kami and teach them the ways of the realm.

These guardians were no ordinary creatures. They possessed incredible strength and abilities that they would use to train the Kami. Each guardian imparted their own unique wisdom upon the Kami, helping them to grow stronger and wiser. And in exchange for their teachings, the Kami offered up the souls of their defeated foes, further strengthening the bond between them and their guardians.

But to defeat the growing darkness, the Kami know they have to ascend beyond their current state. They need to complete their training and prove themselves worthy of their godly status. The journey will be long and challenging, testing their character and resolve at every turn.

So now, the journey begins. Will you join them and enter the Reikai?

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